Week 1: Why animation?

In this week’s seminar, our topic is about Why animation is used and to what purposes it has been mobilised. In the class, we watched a few film clips and discussed about how animation is examined relate to social, cultural and economic contexts.

We read ‘The Cosmic Cinama of Jordan Belson” and highlighted particular word describing the colour applied to animation. The article has shown us a very different view of animation. Word such as amorphous, gaseous and cloudlike imagery have been used to define the forms that ebb and flow across the frame, and it suggests the essence of cinema is precisely “dynamic movement of from and colour”, which I have never thought about before.

Note taking from class

In additon, we looked into the history of GIF and shared our favourite one with class. The seminar is very meaningful and Inspiring to me, I may start to see animation in a more diversified way.


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