Week 4: Where and how is animation seen? – Through their eyes film festival

Who is the audience?:
Animal lovers, the elderly, people who follow animal videos online, abuse victims, spiritual people.

What is their story?:
They are people looking for animal comfort in an unforgiving human world.

Where are they? Where do they come from? Where are they going?:
We travel to them from our festival base, visiting retirement homes and therapy centers.

What have they been through? What do they know? What don’t they know?:
They’ve been through trauma, some are lonely and want time with either the animals or need a reason to spend time with family like this event.
They know that the animals have not been harmed during any film shoots.
They don’t know what the films are about other than the categories.
The people can feed the animals if they bring their own food.
The categories will vary from each event but will generally involve bringing awareness to animal abuse and showing the beauty of animals, possibly exploring the world either through the animals eyes or the hidden parts of their lives we never see.

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