Week 17: Breaking news – It’s the end of elephant and castle!







In the morning of 18th Feb, London is been attacked by a lot of unknown creatures, causing huge explosion and death of over thousand citizens. In the photo above you can see that it is becoming red and dark almost everywhere in Elephant and Castle, with a bolt of lightning crackled through the sky.

“It’s global warming! We shouldn’t believe Donald Trump, he is a liar!” said one of the survivors, who lost all the families in this explosion. Although many citizens believe it’s caused by global warming, our government has announced that it’s definitely an attack from aliens or other unknown creatures. “There is no global warming.” Said Dr Sillyson, a specialist of weather and environment, “Global warming is not true, even there is, it shouldn’t happen now.”

What could we do to overcome this situation? No one have a certain answer. However, what if this is not an attack from the aliens, but attack from the USA? As Donald Trump has laid to us that there is no global warming, we could imagine that USA has been a dick to the UK for a long while – maybe the explosion in Elephant and Castle is just the beginning…


Report by Berry

Week 16: Animation & Feminism

In this week’s CTS, we watched a few short films related to feminism. Many of them are mixed media, some are even containing live action, showing how diversity can be applied to animated films.

Le clitoris

One of my favourite films is Le Clitoris, which is full of sexuality, but seems to be much adorable and interesting with the pinky cartoon character. It’s also very informative as the film has given emphasis to something that males may ignore. Although in this short animation, there is only pink, white and black, the story is very simple and successful.

Another film called What is Beauty has also interested me. It expresses the evolution of the female body in an extremely smooth and sequential way. The figure keeps changing and re-shaping, using exaggeration to attract audience’s attention. The shape is stretching and squeezing, forming a series of different concept of beauty. And in the end, it leaves the question to the audience. What is beauty? It’s absolutely something would cause one to think deeply about.

Overall, I think the film we watched are all very meaningful and inspiring. The application of hand craft and collarge in Kelly Gallagher’s work is also interesting for us to see.